Self-conscious Chivalry

Two Parking Lots
This is The Clue of the Snake in the Hollow Book.
Middle aged men walk Larissa to her car. She is calmer.
She likes to hear us talk about farming and carpentry.
Her first love is ruined for her by beatings.
Glenn and I were her guards in spring and summer
Before and after work through P&G factory parking.
What does this mean now: Larissa?
A thrill: young, smart, loving, flushed and excited;
The exhaustion of giving more than you have.
It meant beauty and living with a beautiful boy:
She loved his fierce flatness and fiery boredom.
Night classes at McMaster University
She asks another student to walk her to her car.
She says, “Before this happened I was headed for medical school.”
                                  Paul Anthony Hutchinson

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