Pictures on the Cave Wall

I look for the humility and pride I want in doubt

When I can only look there.

I close my eyes. Help me pray like a man. Not like a fool.

Accept my doubt and my self-conscious blessings and

My rote mumbled grace. Give me a chance.
I know I can be good.

Plato saw shadows on the cave wall. They said something eomewhere else is pure.
I saw bright painted animals. I will go with the hunters and their dogs.

I want a fire and food and love and

I want to hear the love story again,
Or the friend story:

I’m 17, back in the boys’ bathroom at high school, punching and kicking

Andrew Fane, who hit Colleen so hard and often. I didn’t know.

She was my friend.

For months I didn’t know. How stupid. He humiliated Colleen, she crawled,

She was my friend and that is more than a saint for me.

She was my friend and this is more than a saint for me and for many like me.
Save me from the coarse things all men are offered.

I will do the right thing.

Help me guess the right thing.

​Paul Anthony Hutchinson
Copyright Paul Anthony Hutchinson